The team at Paradigm Management Company is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and value for our residents, as well as our investors and owners. Throughout the entire Paradigm portfolio—from the high-end Meridian brand of luxury communities to mixed-income and affordable-housing communities—everyone experiences the same level of attention.

Whether you are a large institutional investor or a nonprofit group, as an owner you can expect not only proactive and thoughtful management of your community but the added advantage of an organization that is committed to delivering superior service. From project lease-up and stabilization to controlling expenses and improving the bottom line, Paradigm Management enhances value.


Paradigm Management is a leader in multifamily management and has extensive experience operating both high rise and garden apartment communities in urban areas. With demonstrated management experience in mixed income / Section 42 communities, high-end luxury apartments, and “B” and “C” quality garden apartment communities. Paradigm’s reputation is built upon offering exceptional customer service to residents and profitable management to owners. Paradigm has developed coordinated communication systems, which insure that decision making takes into account the needs of both the residents and the long-term performance / viability of the property. Paradigm managed properties deliver the maximum performance in each market.

Paradigm’s current portfolio includes approximately 9,500 apartment units, of which, over 2,500 are either mixed income or 100% affordable. Paradigm brings a depth of experience relative to the particular challenges of construction, lease-up and long-term management of mixed income communities to bear.


Northern Virginia Apartment Association   |   Property of the Year, High Rise – 2012
The Meridian at Courthouse Commons   |   Arlington, VA

Northern Virginia Apartment Association   |   Management Company of the Year – 2011
Paradigm Management Company

GALA Award Winner   |   Best Printed Brochure-2011
The Meridian at Mount Vernon Triangle   |   Washington, DC

NAHB Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Award   |   Best Creative Financing, Affordable Apartment Community- Finalist- 2010
The Madison at Ballston Station   |   Arlington, VA

Association of Builders and Contractors   |   Excellence in Construction – 2010
The Madison at Ballston Station   |   Arlington, VA

Association of Builders and Contractors   |   Residential Multi-Garden Project – 2010
The Madison at Ballston Station   |   Arlington, VA

Association of Builders and Contractors   |   Award of Excellence – 2009
Parc Rosslyn   |   Arlington, VA

EarthCraft House   |   Multifamily Project – 2009
The Madison at Ballston Station   |   Arlington, VA

Award for Excellence   |   Best Lease-Up Pace for a District of Columbia Apartment Community – 2004
Meridian at Gallery Place   |   Washington, DC

Pillars of the Industry Award   |   The American Gas Award for Innovative Gas Solutions – 1999
Meridian at Ballston Commons   |   Arlington, Virginia

Pillars of the Industry Award   |   Most Creative Financing – Finalist – 1999
Ballston Park at Historic Buckingham Village   |   Arlington, Virginia

John J. Gunther Award for Best Practices – 1999   |   U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Ballston Park at Historic Buckingham Village   |   Arlington, Virginia

Best in American Living Award   |   Best Rental Development – 1998
Meridian at Courthouse Commons – Phase II   |   Arlington, Virginia

National Association of County Community and Economic Development   |   Award of Excellence for Housing – 1998
Ballston Park at Historic Buckingham Village   |   Arlington, Virginia

HAND Housing Achievement Award   |   For-Profit Developer of the Year – 1998
Paradigm Development Company

Fannie Mae   |   Maxwell Award of Excellence – 1997
Ballston Park at Historic Buckingham Village   |   Arlington, Virginia

Delta Associates   |   Award for Rapid Lease-Up – 1997
Meridian at Courthouse Commons – Phase II   |   Arlington, Virginia

HAND Housing Achievement Award   |   Best Project – 1997
Ballston Park at Historic Buckingham Village   |   Arlington, Virginia

Best in American Living Award   |   Best Rental Development – 1996
Meridian at Courthouse Commons – Phase I   |   Arlington, Virginia

Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies   |   Annual Award of Excellence – 1992
Courthouse Crossings   |   Arlington, Virginia


Affordable Housing Management

Paradigm Management has a long established commitment to providing high quality affordable housing that meets the needs of residents, owners and tax credit syndicators. With over twenty-five years of experience managing both mixed income and 100% affordable communities, both residents and owners can be assured that a Paradigm managed property will be operated and maintained to the highest standard. Paradigm’s affordable housing experience includes management of properties with funding sources / restrictions that include Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), HOME funds, Tax-Exempt Bonds, Taxable Bonds, Section 8 vouchers, Permanent Supportive Housing, AHIF funds, and other local county programs. Whatever the funding source(s), Paradigm has the experience necessary to manage the property in a way that enhances value and protects the owner’s investment.

Paradigm has acquired or developed a number of properties in partnership with the Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA) in various combinations of bonds, construction and permanent loans, Federal LIHTC and Virginia historic rehabilitation tax credit programs. Paradigm Management is a VHDA Certified Management Company with an excellent reputation for effective management of affordable and mixed income communities. In addition, Paradigm has established strong working relationships with local government agencies wherever we operate.


Tax Credit Compliance

Paradigm has a team of dedicated and experienced Housing Credit Certified Professionals (HCCP) who have the training and experience necessary to ensure that the complicated requirements of any affordable housing program are met. With a proficient on-site staff and Compliance Department, affordable applications and annual re-certifications are processed efficiently.

Paradigm’s careful and consistent application of operational policies and procedures ensures that the owner’s tax credits are protected. Paradigm utilizes a multi-tiered process for the review of all files, at move-in and recertification to minimize errors and occurrences of non-compliance. Routine property inspections and file audits are done by the Compliance Department, assuring that both the property and property files are maintained to the highest standards.


Due Dilligence

During a property acquisition, Paradigm has a trusted and experienced team of individuals that are capable of undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of any asset type. Paradigm works with purchasers to develop a thorough due diligence process for the asset it is evaluating including a review of operating and capital budgets, market conditions, management efficiencies, physical asset condition and financial risk. Paradigm understands the importance of evaluating a business opportunity while mitigating risk and providing a return for the investor.  


Assets Repositioning

Paradigm has the experience and perspective to recognize when assets are no longer reaching their potential and need to be reevaluated for continued growth and opportunity. By approaching asset repositioning in a strategic and viable way, Paradigm has transformed properties into marketable assets through a variety of methods — substantial construction modifications, amenity space upgrades, conversion and/or redevelopment. Repositioning a multi-family asset can be a challenging process and Paradigm has the ability to uncover unrealized potential by guiding significant financial and sustainable policy decisions.

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